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FlashFXP FTP工具已注册便携版

FlashFXP是一款功能强大的FXP/FTP软件,集成了其它优秀的FTP软件的优点,如CuteFTP的目录比较,支持彩色文字显示;如BpFTP支持多目录选择文件,暂存目录;又如LeapFTP的界面设计。支持目录(和子目录)的文件传输,删除;支持上传,下载,以及第三方文件续传;可以跳过指定的文件类型,只传送需要的本件;可自定义不同文件类型的显示颜色;暂存远程目录列表,支持FTP代理及Socks 3&4;有避免闲置断线功能,防止被FTP平台踢出;可显示或隐藏具有“隐藏”属性的文档和目录;支持每个平台使用被动模式等。



  • 安全的SSL加密
  • 完整的Unicode和UTF8支持
  • 远程服务器上的文件搜索
  • 远程编辑自动保存上传
  • 根据大小,或日期文件传输规则
  • 用电子邮件通知文件传输自动化

更新日志: 2017-4-1
• Added a new Character Encoding setting “Strict character encoding” in the Site Manager / Options tab. When checked, FlashFXP will not attempt to detect UTF-8 mixed with non-UTF-8 text. On servers that do not use UTF-8 certain character encodings may incorrectly detect as UTF-8 and as a result garble the text, checking this setting can avoid the issue. We have seen this issue on Xlight FTP server software when using the character encoding Chinese Simplified (GBK/GB2312)
• Fixed: A slow performance startup issue under a remote terminal session when the window state was maximized.
• Change: When running under a remote terminal session we’ve reduced the amount of memory allowed to be allocated for remote directory caching. The original memory allocation limit was calculated based on a desktop PC and now we a different method for server environments to make FlashFXP more server resource friendly.
• The crash report dialog is now dpi-aware.
• Updated SecureBlackBox library.
• Fixed: In a site profile if the login type was previously set to “Key based” and then changed to “Normal” the previously saved key was still used during authentication and before the password authentication. Now the key authentication is not attempted.  2017-3-17
• Added a compatibility fix to workaround a MKD issue with Xlight FTP server.
• Fixed: Some users reported a crash in build 3965 when closing FlashFXP, This should now be fixed.  2017-3-14
• Change: CLI switches -localpath= and -remotepath= now update the file browser panes switching between local/remote views to reflect the defined mode.
• Fixed: After re-connecting to a site that has idle timed out the local browser changes the path to the one stored in the site profile and then back to the current directory, an unnecessary step and as a side effect cleared the item selection.
• Change: I have refactored the way we use input dialog prompts within FlashFXP, This change should eliminate a long standing access violation crash that a few customers have experienced when adding a new site in the Site Manager.


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