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Sandboxie Plus 0.7.1 / Sandboxie 5.48.5 软件测试工具沙盘

Sandboxie 是最受欢迎和最强大的安全软件之一,用于在可疑和不可靠的环境中保护网络浏览器或运行软件。Sandboxie 首先创造一个类似沙盒的独立作业环境,在其内部运行的程序并不能对硬盘产生永久性的影响。其为一个独立的虚拟环境,可用以测试不受信任的应用程序或上网行为。Sandboxie 沙盘最新版由www.osssr.com提供下载。




  • Sandboxie 使用隔离技术将程序与底层操作系统分开,防止不必要的更改发生在您的个人数据,程序和安全地安装在硬盘上的应用程序。
  • 网页浏览,通过在沙盒中隔离这些攻击,保护您最喜欢的Web浏览器并阻止恶意软件,病毒,赎金和零日威胁。让您的系统受到保护。
  • 电子邮件,在Sandboxie中运行您最喜爱的电子邮件程序,所以您不必担心可疑附件或spear钓鱼攻击。
  • 数据保护,Sandboxie防止互联网网站和程序修改您的系统上的个人数据(即我的文档),文件和文件夹。
  • 应用测试,安全地测试并尝试Sandboxie中的新程序和应用程序,并防止未经授权的更改可能发生的底层系统。




  • sandboxed indicator for tray icons, the tooltip now contains [#] if enabled
  • the trace log buffer can now be adjusted with “TraceBufferPages=2560”
    — the value denotes the count of 4k large pages to be used, here for a total of 10 MB
  • new functionality to the list finder
  • Enchanced RpcMgmtSetComTimeout handing with “UseRpcMgmtSetComTimeout=some.dll,n”
    — this option allows to specify for each individual dll if RpcMgmtSetComTimeout should be used or not
    — this setting takes precedence over hard coded and per process presets
    — “UseRpcMgmtSetComTimeout=some.dll” and “UseRpcMgmtSetComTimeout=some.dll,y” are equivalent
  • Added “FakeAdminRights=y” option that makes processes in a given box think thay have admin permissions
    — this option is recomended to be used in combination with “DropAdminRights=y” to improve securits
    — With “FakeAdminRights=y” and “DropAdminRights=y” installers should still work
  • added RPC support for SSDP API (the Simple Service Discovery Protocol), Enable with “OpenUPnP=y”


  • improved RPC debugging
  • improved IPC handling around RpcMgmtSetComTimeout
    — required exceptions have been hard coded for specific calling dll’s
  • the LogApi dll is now using Sbies tracing facility to logg events instead of an own pipe server
  • SbieCrypto no longer triggers message 1313
  • changed enum process API now more (no limit) than 511 proceses per box can be enumerated
  • Reorganized box settings a bit
  • Made COM tracing more verbose


  • FIXED SECURITY ISSUE: elevated sandboxed processes could access volumes/disks for reading (thanks hg421)
  • fixed crash issue around SetCurrentProcessExplicitAppUserModelID observed with GoogleUpdate.exe
  • fixed issue with resource monitor sort by timestamp
  • FIXED SECURITY ISSUE: a race condition in the driver allowed to obtain a elevated rights handle to a process (thanks typpos)
  • FIXED SECURITY ISSUE: “\RPC Control\samss lpc” is now filtered by the driver (thanks hg421)
    — this allowed elevated processes to change passwords, delete users and alike, to disable filtering use “OpenSamEndpoint=y”
  • FIXED SECURITY ISSUE: “\Device\DeviceApi\CMApi” is now filtered by the driver (thanks hg421)
    — this allowed elevated processes to change hardware configuration, to disable filtering use “OpenDevCMApi=y”
  • fixed issues with webcam access when the DevCMApi filtering is in place
  • fixed issue with free download manager for ‘AppXDeploymentClient.dll’ RpcMgmtSetComTimeout=y is used
  • fixed not all WinRM files were blocked by the driver, with “BlockWinRM=n” this file block can be disabled



Sandboxie  提取码: ixpk


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