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Sandboxie Plus 0.7.4 / Sandboxie 5.49.7 软件测试工具沙盘

Sandboxie 是最受欢迎和最强大的安全软件之一,用于在可疑和不可靠的环境中保护网络浏览器或运行软件。Sandboxie 首先创造一个类似沙盒的独立作业环境,在其内部运行的程序并不能对硬盘产生永久性的影响。其为一个独立的虚拟环境,可用以测试不受信任的应用程序或上网行为。Sandboxie 沙盘最新版由www.osssr.com提供下载。




  • Sandboxie 使用隔离技术将程序与底层操作系统分开,防止不必要的更改发生在您的个人数据,程序和安全地安装在硬盘上的应用程序。
  • 网页浏览,通过在沙盒中隔离这些攻击,保护您最喜欢的Web浏览器并阻止恶意软件,病毒,赎金和零日威胁。让您的系统受到保护。
  • 电子邮件,在Sandboxie中运行您最喜爱的电子邮件程序,所以您不必担心可疑附件或spear钓鱼攻击。
  • 数据保护,Sandboxie防止互联网网站和程序修改您的系统上的个人数据(即我的文档),文件和文件夹。
  • 应用测试,安全地测试并尝试Sandboxie中的新程序和应用程序,并防止未经授权的更改可能发生的底层系统。



Release v0.7.4 / 5.49.7
added “UseSbieWndStation=y” to emulate CreateDesktop for selected processes, not only for Firefox and Chrome
added option to drop the console host process integrity, now you can use “DropConHostIntegrity=y”
added option to easily add local templates
added option to disable file migration prompt
added UI options for variouse security isolation features
added missing functionality to set template values in the plus UI
reworked window hooking mechanism to improve performance
— resolves issues with file save dialogs taking 30+ sec to open
— this fix greatly improves the win32 GUI performance of sandboxed processes
reworked RPC resolver to be ini configurable
— the following options are now deprecated:
— “UseRpcMgmtSetComTimeout=some.dll,n”, so use “RpcPortBinding=some.dll,*,TimeOut=y”
— “OpenUPnP=y”, “OpenBluetooth=y”, “OpenSmartCard=n” use the new templates instead
— See the Templates.ini for usage examples
Align default settings of AutoRecover and Favorites to the Plus version (thanks isaak654)
list of email clients and browsers is now centralized on Dll_GetImageType
fixed process-specific hooks being applied to all processes in a given sandbox
fixed issue with messages and templates sometimes not being properly displayed in the SandMan UI
fixed issue with compatibility settings not being applied properly
fixed auto delete issue that got introduced with 0.7.1
fixed issue with NtSetInformationFile, FileDispositionInformation resulting in Opera installer failing
fixed issue with MacType introduced in the 0.7.2 build
fixed global sandboxed windows hooks not working when window rename option is disabled
fixed issue with saving local templates
fixed issue when using runas to start a process that was created outside of the Sandboxie supervision
— since the runas facility is not accessible by default, this did not constitute a security issue
— to enable runas functionality, add “OpenIpcPath=\RPC Control\SECLOGON” to your Sandboxie.ini
— please take note that doing so may open other yet unknown issues
fixed a driver compatibility issue with Windows 10 32 bit Insider Preview Build 21337
fixed issues with driver signature for windows 7
fixed minor issue with logging internet blocks
fixed issue with file recovery when located on a network share
fixed ui issue with CallTrace
fixed crated sandbox links gettign double extension
fixed misplaced labels in the classic ui (thanks isaak654)
fixed separator line in Sbiectrl (thanks isaak654)



Sandboxie  提取码: ixpk


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    • 可以,管理面板右键沙箱 -> 沙箱设置 -> 资源访问 -> 文件访问!!

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