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Mp3tag 3.06 通用标签编辑器

Mp3tag是一款功能强大且易于使用的工具,用于编辑音频文件的元数据。它支持多种文件的(ID3v1,ID3v2.3,ID3v2.4,iTunes MP4,WMA,Vorbis)注释和APE标签的批量标签编辑,覆盖各种音频格式。此外,它支持从亚马逊,discogs,MusicBrainz或freedb的在线数据库查找,允许您自动收集适当的标签和下载音乐库的封面。您可以重命名基于标签信息的文件,在标签和文件名,导入/导出标签信息替换字符或单词,创建播放列表和更多。




  • 可同时对复数文件写入ID3v1.1、ID3v2、APEv2 tag、WMA tag、Vorbis comment等支持的元数据。
  • 完整的Unicode支持。
  • 支持嵌入式的音乐专辑封面。
  • 自动产生播放清单。
  • 可获取所有的子文件夹文件。
  • 对复数文件删除一部分或是所有的标签。
  • 利用标签所提供的信息替文件重命名。
  • 从文件名称获取标签信息。
  • 重新编排标签与文件名称。
  • 支持正则表达式。
  • 以特定格式导出标签信息(像是HTML,RTF,CSV,XML等)。
  • 从在线音乐数据库像是Freedb或亚马逊导入标签信息。(亦可手动搜索)。
  • 从本地端的音乐数据库会入标签信息。



[2021-03-25] REL: VERSION 3.06 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7)
———— ————————————————————————————-
[2021-03-24] FIX: querying data from tag sources did not send default user agent string if UserAgent was not enabled in tag source. (#8995)
[2021-03-15] FIX: changes that only affected upper / lower case in Tag Panel fields were ignored (since v3.05d). (#52376)
[2021-03-15] NEW: CDG files are now also moved and copied with corresponding MP3, WMA, and FLAC files. (#51944)
[2021-03-15] CHG: minor restructuring of file list context menu to separate Remove and Delete from each other. (#16741)
[2021-03-14] FIX: undo did not undo last edit operation if text field had focus. (#15438)
[2021-03-14] NEW: added option to disable auto-sizing of columns in search results list of tag sources and to preserve manually adjusted column widths. (#17966, #51840)
[2021-03-14] CHG: confirmation dialogs at pasting, cutting, and removing tags now use OK and Cancel buttons to allow for dismissal via Esc key. (#41495)
[2021-03-13] CHG: search query fields are now pre-filled with previous input when going back or retrying from tag sources. (#51845)
[2021-03-13] NEW: added Retry button to tag sources if no results were found for search criteria. (#51845)
[2021-03-13] NEW: added Retry button for error message when retrieving album metadata from tag sources (2nd step). (#17918)
[2021-03-12] CHG: action groups dialog keyboard shortcut to disable all action groups is now Ctrl+D.
[2021-03-11] FIX: applying presets at action groups dialog enabled all currently selected action groups.
[2021-03-11] CHG: renamed Utils to Presets at action groups dialog and restructured the menu.
[2021-03-06] CHG: added means to prevent duplicate keyboard mnemonics in file list context menu. (#51896)
[2021-03-03] NEW: added actions and tag sources to file list context menu. (#51896)
[2021-03-02] FIX: suggest sorting of tag-sources result by length did only work if tag source provided lengths in seconds. (#48420)
[2021-02-22] NEW: added `IfGreater` and `IfLess` to web sources framework. (#52080)
[2021-02-13] FIX: regression where converter ‘Text file – Tag’ freezes application state (since v3.05a). (#51964)
[2021-02-05] FIX: file list scrolls back to leftmost position after saving or undoing changes. (#17428)
[2021-02-05] FIX: file list scrolls back to leftmost position when selecting multiple files in some cases. (#48411, #51675)
[2021-02-05] CHG: minimum system requirements are now Windows 7 and a processor with SSE2 instruction set.
[2020-01-29] LNG: updated Catalan, Czech, French, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Portuguese-BR, Slovak, Spanish, and Turkish translation.



Mp3tag 提取码: vp9i



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